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So weak.

So, one of my co-workers who belongs to the same health club my wife and I joined for Christmas, convinced me to come check out a 'spin' class after work tonight.

The physical and mental scars I have picked up from a long and varied life would have you believe that I have done dumber things than take my fat, sorry ass to a spin class...I just can't think of what any of those things would be right now.

Quite the ass-kicker(if you pardon my French).  I'm not sure I've had a workout make me feel like that for...a decade, at least.  But...I didn't quit.  There were times I dialed the bike all the way down to it's minimum resistance, but I never stopped peddling. 

Doing the exercise as part of a group helped.  I never would have pushed myself that hard on a stationary bike all by myself...as did a constant reminder of how far gone I have gotten. 

As part of a spin class, you ride the bike in different positions...standing to simulate climbs, and crouching over the handlebars to simulate sprints.  Except...during the sprints, I couldn't crouch as properly as some of the other class participants, because my stupid gut hung so low, I thought I was going to make myself sick with the way my knees kept running up into it like a punching bag.

I'm not sure anyone noticed...but I did.  And it's the reason why as bad as it sucked, I will go back again.

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