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The truth hurts.

There is a world of difference between looking in the mirror and realizing you are fat and out of shape, and actually going to the gym and having it proved to you. 

Last week, I tried a spin class with a co-worker, and was humbled.  Tonight, that same co-worker invited me to a 'body pump' class...and, humbled doesn't being to describe.  The theme of this class was high rep, low weight work, moving rapidly from motion to motion.  If you had told me by the end of the class I would have to decrease from 5 pound weights to 2.5 pound weights for doing shoulder presses, I would have called you a liar.

But yeah...after 40 minutes of pushups and lunges, and more pushups, and squats, and dead lifts, and then more push-ups and lunges...to keep going, I had to decrease weights. 


The even more sobering thing was after the class, when I had to go down the stairs to locker room...I had to cling to the handrail on the stairs like a 90-year old man to keep from falling down the stairs, my legs were that shaky.

Next week will be better.

I hope.

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