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Maybe there is hope.

Sometimes, in the locker room at the gym, you hear some really strange conversations.  Things like two totally naked men talking about how much getting a new fence installed should cost.  I'm not sure how old you have to be to feel that standing around naked is the right time to have that conversation, but I know that the answer is not 'almost 40', because I don't have conversations while standing around naked.

Any today I heard a couple of young kids having a conversation that somewhat warmed my heart.  At first glance, I thought the kids might have been like 5 years old, but they were probably more like 13-14. 

Kid 1: Did you Obama is going to give us free college! 

Kid 2: That would be cool...college costs like 50K a year!

Kid 3: Yeah, but it's not free.

Kid 1: What do you mean?  It said on the news that it would be free.

Kid 3: It's going to be paid for with taxes...that isn't free.

Kid 2: But I don't pay taxes, so....yeah.

Kid 3: Not now, but you will pay taxes like that someday.

If it wouldn't have been really creepy for a stranger to approach a teenage boy in the locker room and give him a high-five, I would have done so. 

Nice to see that at least some of the younger generation get's it.

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