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Make it stop!

I'm referring to the March of Time. 

It was a good year last year...not perfect.  I didn't win the lottery, I didn't meet my resolution of being able to comfortably get my kilt to my waist line(although it's closer) and I didn't fill any of my hunting tags.

However, I did get to take the whole family on a great vacation swing through middle/southern California in May, and I got to take my older daughter out hunting for the first time, where she didn't fill any of her tags...but she still smiled.

On a personal note, to keep myself occupied, I got involved in community theater, and thoroughly enjoyed our local presentation of Les Miserable's in the spring, and getting to act/rehearse with my younger daughter in The Sound of Music. 

I also got into the local adult choir, the Mid-Columbia Mastersingers, which was fun, but learning to sing in German for Brahm's and how to properly annunciate Olde English for Handel's Messiah was much more technically challenging than anything I had to go through for the musicals.
More than any of those events though...it was just a good year.  My wife and I kind of brushed on the idea on Christmas...but, man, if you ever wanted to freeze time...this would be the year to do it.  Younger Daughter is 9...old enough to be her own person, and have her own distinct personality, and entertain herself, but still wanting the occasional snuggle.  Older daughter is 12.5...young enough she hasn't developed serious teenage angst, yet old enough that we can see flashes of the amazing woman she has the potential to be.  And, yeah...mature enough we leave her alone to watch her sister without always needing to schedule a baby-sitter. 
Time is matching on.  Over the next year, the girls will continue to age at light speed.  I will keep buying lottery tickets, and not win a jackpot.  My wife and I will fall a year deeper in love, which is nice...and I will turn 40.  Much melancholy tied to that age traditionally...and I am traditional person.
Two resolutions for the year ahead. The first, a carry over, is to fit into my kilt better.  Not trying to tie the weight loss to any number...just reducing how much of the weight is carried in my mid-section.   
The second resolution is a combined one for my wife and I...we need to get our 'just in case' paperwork together...an actual will, and living wills. 
It's going to be a good year...as long as we think it will be. 

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