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So, I wasn't THAT lazy...

Big college football today...and I can admit in a guilt free manner that I watched most of it...and drank some carbonated alcoholic beverage along the way. 

I wasn't just watching football though...I was prepping, taking charge and canning up 5 quarts of turkey/vegetable stock that my had been simmering overnight.

A while ago, I prepared 5 turkeys for work by cutting out their back-bones, which we then threw in the freezer along with the neck bones.  My wife needed to make room in the freezer, so she used about half of them and some left over veggies to make a stock.

It's a little(okay, a lot) cloudy...but everything I have read says that that is purely an aesthetic issue, and not something that will effect quality.  Several things lead to cloudiness...and I think we checked all the boxes on this batch.

If you let your stock go to a rolling boil...you'll get cloudiness.  We did this...it was my fault.  I didn't think that the stock was 'simmering' enough, and bumped up the temperature, and didn't bother to swing back by the pot for 30 minutes.

Also, if you add vinegar(my wife prefers apple cider vinegar) it helps leach more minerals out of the bone, but makes your stock cloudy.

And finally, adding starchy vegetables to your stock can cause cloudiness...and I know my wife put a little bit of everything she had been saving in the stock.

Like I said, it's kind of muddy looking right now, but I taste tested it before canning, and it will be fine for it's intended use...soup bases and also I like using it to cook our rice in something other than just plain water. 

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