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Awesome. The word is Awesome.

As far back as February, I was officially excited for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.  While I have never read the Guardians of the Galaxy line of comics, I have read the Infinity Gauntlet stories, so I was familiar with some of the cast of characters, and excited.

Having spent the last week watch GOTG destroy August box office records, and reading the reviews, I could wait no longer, and my wife and I went and saw the early matinee Sunday.

Wow...what an enjoyably good movie.  A movie can be good without being enjoyable, and vice versa.  GOTG scores high in both categories.  It is the most thoroughly enjoyable movie that either my wife or I can remember seeing in quite a long time...and I'm not just comparing it to other comic book movies.  The last movie I can remember feeling this way after is Jurassic Park.  I would gladly drop another $30-40 to see it tomorrow with my wife. 

But, yeah, it's also a well balanced movie.  There is action, adventure, romance, and real characters who grow and change throughout the course of the movie!  There are talking trees and raccoons, and people painted green, blue, and magenta.  And you care about them.

Groot is a great character...and much has been made about Vin Diesel having to do a lot with a limited vocabulary, but Bradley Cooper, as Rocket steals the movie.  The timing is impeccable, and the human actors who share the stage with the CGI Rocket deserve a lot of credit for being able to banter with someone who is not really there. 

Chris Pratt channels every bit of Han Solo, and is destined for great things.  In any cast that hides people like John C. Reilly, Michael Rooker, Glenn Close, and Benicio Del Toro in supporting roles, some people are going to get lost, and in Guardians, I think that was Karen Gillan(but that's alright, she has a new TV show coming out, so I can get my Amy Pond fix). 

The surprise of the cast though, was Dave Bautista.  As Drax, while he gets to kick ass, he has some great moments of dead pan delivery, and pathos.  He took the bar for ex-wrestler and moved it up about 3600%. 

In a world where Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brings in $65 Million its opening weekend,  box office numbers can be misleading, but I am willing to bet that GOTG in its 3rd week, beats TMNT in its 2nd week.

Especially if all of you get out there and do the right thing...Go see Guardians of the Galaxy!  I tell you three times!

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