Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Thank you, nice lady.

With the wife and kids out of town this weekend at Girl Scout Camp, I decided that after work Friday I would head out in the wheat fields of the 'Blue Mountains West' unit that my daughters doe tag is good for and make another attempt at finding some land for her to hunt on.

At one particular promising piece of property, I had pulled over to write down the phone number on the 'Hunting by Written Permission' sign when nice lady in a Red Durango pulled up beside me to ask if I needed help, because...well, I looked like I needed help.  When I told her no, I had just pulled over to write down a number, she told me not to bother, because it was her property.  'You just head down the driveway to left up ahead, and talk to 'Son' or 'Husband'...they control that kind of thing'. 

Just like that, I had been given permission to bring my daughter onto their 4,600 acre farm.

Well, almost just like that.  If I had been looking for permission for a place for me to go hunting, I am not sure they would have said yet...but the whole 'I already have plans for my muzzleloader hunting, I am just looking for a less crowded place to bring my 12-year old daughter' thing worked the way I thought it would.  The only requirement they placed on me was that we kill EVERY coyote we see.

Can do.

Nothing is ever a certainty in hunting(especially when a 12-year old is involved), but confidence is increasing.

I didn't even realize the last one was a little buck until I saw the picture.  All total I saw 17-18 deer, and three coyotes...not bad for 5-7 pm on a 99 degree day.
In addition to the animals, there was also a few minutes to just kick back and enjoy some of God's Country.
Two months to go.

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