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That might work out okay.

There had been a rumor floating around work that we might be doing a bit of a shift change, and today the company made it official: September 8th we will be rolling to a 4 X 10 shift...0600-1630, Monday-Thursday, with every Fri, Sat, Sun off.

It should work out more conveniently with hunting season coming up.  I won't have to burn leave time on Fridays, even though I'll get charged some extra time on the Mondays and Tuesdays I'm taking off. 

Also on the 'Yay' side of things: 20% less gas money each month...it will actually be a sizable savings. 

Most of the techs that work for me are pretty happy about it. Some of the other contractors on site area already on 4 tens, and so some of the guys have experience with it.  A few of the older guys just feel it is a LONG day, and having to be in to work at 6 gets old after a while.  For me, being a manager and having meetings that start before the actual start of work, it's really only an extra half-an-hour a day to get every Friday off. 

I'm eager to see how it works out.

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  1. The best 4 ten's schedule that I heard of was this,
    Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, (Sat, Sun Off) Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon. Off) Every weekend off and every other weekend is a 4 day weekend.