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Didn't know that was a remake.

Alan Jackson.  What a strange guy for me to figure out. 

Since the early 1990's, he has been one of the top male vocalists in country music, and I respect the whole 'keeping it traditional' thing that Alan has going. 

However, not once in all that time have I ever thought of Alan Jackson as one of the 'top' country singers.  He has just been consistently 'good'.  He never had the peak of a Garth Brooks, or Toby Keith, and if you want the model of consistency, well, he has had the bad luck of running up against the machine called George Straight. 

There is nothing wrong with perhaps being the #2 Country Singer of the last 20 years behind George Straight. 

One his catchy 'good not great' songs was 'Who's Cheatin' Who', released in 1997,topping out at #2 on the charts.

This morning, I had to run to Safeway bright and early, and I was too lazy to change the radio station, meaning I got to listen to the 'Legends of Country' show, and I heard this:

Hmmm...the same song, from 16 years before Alan Jackson did it, by Charly McClain.

Even more impressive(especially for someone who thinks Country Music was invented in 1989 by Garth Brooks), I think I like the original version better.  It has more emotional punch to it.

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