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No big surprise.

A few weeks ago, I posted about sheriff's deputy up in Spokane that got himself in a spot of trouble, putting his daughters doe tag on deer that she didn't shoot.  At first I took a position of semi-defending him...partly because it's theoretically possible I have heard hypothetical stories about other people doing similar things, and if I didn't condemn them, I couldn't condemn this guy...but mostly because he had been turned in by his ex-wife and ex-coworker who was now doing the ex-wife...it felt like a low class way to keep picking on this poor guy.

However, the more you read into the story, it became clear that this wasn't a once time, or even a two time thing for this guy, and at that point, it gets tougher to turn a blind eye to his activities, and slightly easier to believe the ex-wife's side of things(She said she was worried her daughter might get in trouble).

Anyway...today the Spokane County Sheriff's Department announced that Deputy Herrin was resigning effective the 16th, rather than get fired.  He has been with the Department 25 years, so while it is unwritten in the story, I am guessing quitting before you can be fired might save him at least some portion of his retirement. 

Still and all, a couple of dozen pounds of venison is a heck of a thing to throw a 25-year career away on.

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