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Hope Springs Eternal.

There hasn't been a lot of 'garden boast posts' around here lately, because, well...there hasn't been a lot of garden boasting to do.  I've been getting vegetables, but the output, a handful of cherry tomatoes a  day, a few full size tomatoes and zucchini a week, and one nice initial batch of Anaheim Peppers, has not been bragable given the effort/expenses that were put into the garden beds. 

All is not quite lost yet.  My zucchini plants that I started from seed and allowed to get root bound in those stupid starter pellets are finally producing...just as the ones I planted from the store are petering out, so I should keep getting a few zucchini/yellow squash a week well into September.  I've got a steady stream of tomatoes, and a final batch of peppers that are setting, and well as a healthy number of tomatillos on those plants. Ideally, I'll have enough of those three things to justify canning a batch of salsa. 

I've also started a round of 'fall' vegetables...a few pots of kale and Swiss Chard, before ripping out some under-producing tomato plants, mixing in some new soil, and planting a few rows of turnips, something I have never planted before.

I'll probably leave some close together, for greens production, and thin some out for actual 'turnip' production.  

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