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Not a bad opening act.

Last night, my wife went and caught a band at the Benton-Franklin Fair.

I like me some Montgomery Gentry.  They are rocking enough for anyone, but about 1.5 steps more 'traditional' than some of the current crop of 'country' artists getting their songs played on the country stations now.  Mostly, I feel the difference is that the songs Montgomery Gentry sing seem to be about something while current Top 40 seems to be a contest to 'Out Red-Neck' each other...the songs all seem to be about getting drunk and crazy around the bonfire. 
It's not our first time seeing MG...we saw them a few years ago at the Puyallup Fair. 
It was our first time seeing their opening act, though. 
Typically, in overly simplistic terms, an opening act falls into one of two categories: 'up and comer' or 'past their prime, but still enjoy performing, and willing to settle for a shorter set just keep experiencing the rush'. 
You could say that the opening act last night fell into the 2nd category, but he put such a great show, it's hard to think of him as 'past his prime'...Eddie Montgomery's younger brother, John Michael Montgomery.  At the height of his popularity in the early/mid-90s, he had the #1 selling country song two years in a row: 'I Swear', and 'I Can Love You Like That'.  In total, he had 5 #1 songs, and over 30 top 40 hits.
Things got rougher for him in the late 90's...vocal cord growths, a visit to rehab, and just the way country music shifted away from his sound.  He had a brief comeback in 2004 with a great song, 'Letters from Home', which made it to #2, but for the most part, he just seems to tour when he wants to, and sings where he can.  He played a great little 45 minute set, during which you knew every song.  I'm not going to say he sounded exactly like he did 18 years ago, but he put more feeling into his songs than I ever did.
In the end, you aren't going to get a chance to see an opening act with his resume very often.
It was a perfect night.  The last week or so, we have had some cooling...temperatures in the low 90's/upper 80's...and last night it was only 85 or so with a nice breeze when the show started.  Close to perfect.
And of course, country music has quite a reputation for attracting some attractive young ladies, and this concert was no different.
I was just lucky enough to bring the prettiest one there with me.

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