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Favorite Christmas Songs #17

The last couple of days I have been listening more to the Christmas Stations, and watching Christmas Song videos on Youtube, so I decided I would do a Top 5 list of Christmas Songs.  But it was too tough to narrow things down to 5, or 10...and 20 was too many, because gosh darn-it, we are already less than 20 days from Christmas.  17 sounded like a good number, because that way if things get busy and I can't get on here for a day or two, I am still covered.

So, why would someone like me, who admittedly is into Christmas for all the secular, greedy wrong reasons have a list of favorite Christmas Songs? 

Because I love them...and I really do like this time of year.  People are happier, more friendly and more jolly.  They give more to charity and are more helpful in general.  In short, people act the way they SHOULD act all year round.

Be aware...these are not The Best Christmas Songs...they are simply my favorite.  Some, especially the first few, are goofy...but when they come on the radio, you know Christmas is coming(although one of the stations in Seattle was playing Christmas Music before Thanksgiving, which is wrong...midnight after Thanksgiving is MY cut off...)

So...let's start with one of the goofy ones.   Drum Roll Please.....

Can you believe this song is over 30 years old!?!?!??!?!

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