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The View

No, not talking the TV show...talking about the view I get of the Olympics on my way home from work...and it is one of the things I am going to miss.  Had a decent view today...the clouds were coming in, but the ceiling was high.

This view of the Olympics, looking over the gravel and topsoil shops that make up the classy north end of town always let's me know when I am just about home.  Since the road is straight at this point, I'm usually able to split my attention between driving and spectating, and it helps relax me.  Might not look it, but that is a pretty fair amount of snow up on The Bothers for this point in September.  Usually they look kind of bare from here until the end of October, when new snow starts falling and sticking up there. 

Even SHMBO admits that the horizon looks pretty boring on our trips back to the east coast.  It will be one of the things that takes getting used to in the Tri-Cities...it's not a long drive to be able to see Rainer or Adams, but it's not a path I will take every day on the way home from work. 

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