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Hi-Lo's 15th Street Cafe

Had a good day today with the family.  Both of my daughters had doctors appointments, and so I had a legitimate excuse to use some of my 480 hours of sick leave that I am going to lose. 

Now going to the doctors office might not sound fun and exciting, but with the girls appointments being an hour apart, it was a nice opportunity to play tag with the wife...I was able to take the spare kid to run errands in Silverdale, then bring the spare kids back for her appointment, and run more errands with the daughter who had already completed her appointment. 

First stop with younger daughter was the Verizon Store...previously The Man had provided me with a cell phone due to my exalted position as a Supervisor.  It was sooooooo old it had a green and black screen.  The tax payers should be proud that whatever the Federal Government might be wasting money on, fancy cell phones are not one of them.  So, earlier this week, I had to return my phone, which is hopefully going to be retired to a cushy job as someones paperweight.

The new job requires me to have a phone, but does not provide one...instead, there is a stipend to off-set the expense.  I used this as an opportunity to join the late 20th century...didn't come all the way modern..I think I would be too easily distracted by a droid or I-phone.  Instead I just got a Samsung Reality.  It has a full key-board so I can text, a camera, does music, and has limited Internet. It is everything I think I needed, and nothing extra.  I am not the type to worry about 'The Apps' or 'The bigger GB's'.

Then rush back to the doctors with perfect timing to get younger daughter to her appointment, and take older daughter to the lab for a blood draw.  Once upon a time, she had a mild case of Chicken Pox, so my wife wanted to get her blood drawn for a Varicella Titer, where they basically look at the blood to see if there is enough anti-bodies present to consider you 'immune'. 

She was a trooper.  As far as I know(being a crappy dad I can't be 100% certain), it was her first blood draw she is old enough to remember.  No fuss, no muss. She was quite fascinated watching the blood 'from out of my veins daddy!' go into the vial.  After that, it was quick like bunnies to the tea store, to get something to surprise SHMBO, then the bank to deposit checks, and finally to Albertsons, where I was finally successful in finding Men's Room Original Red in stock.  The Men's Room is a local talk radio station, and they got together with Elysian Brewing to sponsor a beer.  Got a lot of good press on their show, so I bought 4 22oz bottle.  It's good...a bit hoppsy for my taste, but good. 

Back to the doctors for the Worst Experience of the Day...younger daughter needed 3 shots to catch up her vaccinations.  We try to space them out, but with the impending loss of my current health insurance, we decided it would be better to get everything up to date just in case something went wrong getting the insurance set up at the new job.  Things didn't go well...to put things mildly, she freaked the %^$&^ out.  Even with ice cream being offered up as a bribe.  My wife, and LPN in Pediatrics said she wasn't the worst ever, but she was a top 10. 

Finally, we got to go to lunch.  One of the bummers about moving is The Last Time.  As in, this might be the last time I get to do something I really enjoy about this place.  Today, it was taking advantage of the opportunity to eat at Hi-Lo's 15th Street Cafe in Bremerton.  Good, good food.  Cute little place. 

Now, as Eric Cartman would say, it's run by a bunch of dirty hippies, but that does not change the fact that they make THE BEST Chorizo and Eggs I have ever had.  Perfectly scrambled ooey, gooey cheeze and sausage scrambled together...warm tortillas to put it on, perfect potatoes on the side.  Calgon take me away. 

On the other side of the spectrum, my wife likes The Grateful Bowl...brown rice with cheese and salsa, with  a fruit cup and muffin on the side.  See...Hippie Crap.  But, when momma's happy, everyone's happy...besides, my sausage and cheese and eggs had enough cholesterol for us both.

And that was a good day.  Plenty of time with the family...time enough alone with each girl to let them know daddy loves them, and finishing it with a snuggle on the couch with the wife while we watch the Season Finale of Warehouse 13. 

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