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Late Start

I have few regrets in this life, because if Science Fiction has taught us nothing else, it is that messing with the past can have very unforeseen results on the present.  For instance, I would love to have lots and lots of money...but let's say I went back in time and was able to convince my father to take out a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th mortgage on the house to buy stock in this Microsoft thing...well, then I would have lots and lots of money growing up, but the probability approaches certainty that the exact chain of events which led to me meeting my wife would not duplicate itself, and I would never have met SHMBO.  Instead, I would have had more money, and probably have met a richer, hotter girl...

You know, this is probably a bad example.  Suffice to say, I am generally pleased with the life I have for myself, and since there is no way to know how deciding to accept a job working for an Oil Pipeline in Bemidji, Minnesota 9 years ago REALLY would have turned out, why pine for it.

What I do know though, is that I really should have listened to people 4 years ago when they started whispering that the Airport Diner, at Bremerton National Airport, is an 'okay' place to go for dinner, especially if you want fish and chips.  Instead, I ignored them, thinking that there is no way a diner at Bremerton National Airport could be better at fish and chips than a dedicated seafood restaurant. 

Well, finally about a month and a half ago, based of a more pointed recommendation from a co-worker, SHMBO and I finally stopped at the Airport Diner for fish and chips, and it was WAY better than anything else I had had in the last 10 years.  In fact, it is very close to what is trapped in my memory as the Best Fish and Chips EVER, which you used to be able to find at Spuds Fish and Chips, down by the beach in Juanita.(a later review, but the Worlds Best Mother and Nana, has said that the quality at Spuds has been decreasing, and in her opinion, the Airport Diner was better). 

End result, we have eaten at the Airport Diner 3 times in the past 6 weeks, and I am going to miss it, and I regret not trying it sooner.

After dinner, we headed to a friends house for a night of visiting and Rock Band on the X-Box, bearing gifts.  The gifts might not have been recognizable as gifts to the untrained eye...a 50-gallon rolling trash can full of Ivy I have pulled up out of my yard.  Hey...THEY asked for it.  SHMBO found a new favorite drink last night also...A Dark and Stormy...you mix some dark rum and some lime into Ginger Beer(which has only been found locally at Cost Plus World Market).  Add some ice and Stand By to Stand By.  I was drinking beer(wide variety...Mens Room Red, Rogue Ale, and then a PBR to water it all down).  I did have a sip of my wife's drink, and can confirm that it is very sweet and tasty, and as SHMBO found out, you don't realize how strong of as drink it is until you go to stand up, and reach for a chair for support.

So, it was a very fun evening...luckily, we found out about the 'No fail' setting on Rock Band, because that allowed people to try things outside their comfort zone.

Everything has it's price though.  Today, the price of the late evening is a late start around the house.  As of 9:15, SHMBO and younger daughter are still in dream land.  Older daughter is slowwwwlllllly  making her way through a bowl of cocoa puffs, and I am on cup of coffee number 2, making a list of what to get done today.  Mostly, it revolves around cleaning, then packing my suitcase and loading a few non-water sensitive items in the back of the truck for my run to Richland tomorrow.  I start indoc training bright and early Monday morning, and one of my first non-work related tasks is to find a storage unit so we can start getting clutter out of the house one F-150 load at a time on the weekends I come home to play father.

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