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Long Day

Had my first day at the new job today, but it doesn't really count.  The whole day was spent at headquarters going through indoctrination training.  The first half of the day was spent in a conference room with 5 other new hires, going over hand outs and filling out paperwork.  2nd half of the day was more individual, being spent in front of a computer screen going over different training topics, none of it overly shocking or unexpected.

My previous job at the PSNS was a Department of Defense site, this one is Department of Energy.  For the same Federal Government, they sure don't use a lot of the same terminology.  Safety seemed to be the big picture item for them here.  Seemed to be...until I'm out working for a while, I will attempt to refrain from forming any strong opinions.

I'm also facing a challenge trying not to let being separated from my wife and girls draw me down into a general malaise.  It's only nights the 1st time...I just got done doing 7 months in New York, this should be easy.  It's just when you say you are taking a job for a better family life, and the first thing you do is drive 250 miles from you family...it sends conflicting emotional signals.  I knew it would be this way though, and that I would go through a few distinct phases.  1...me moving , no family.  2...waiting for house to sell.  3...looking for perfect house!

For now some very good friends are letting me stay at their place the first few weeks, then I will transition to furnished corporate housing for a month or two, before selecting an apartment in preparation of my wife and girls moving over.

I do have some things to keep me busy...the already mentioned house/apartment hunting, getting to know the areas, and find a lawyer.  When we bought the house, SHMBO was not working, so our agent told us it would be easier to just do all the paperwork with my name on it.  So, 6 years later, the paperwork still just has my name on it, so we think it will make our lives easier, since I am here and she is there, if we just get a Power of Attorney for my wife to do things with the house. 

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