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Sunday Diversions

It's Sunday, which means for the most part, my TV will be showing professional football, and I will be connected to in by a tether barely long enough to allow me to reach the fridge for a fresh carbonated beverage.  Today's choice will probably be Killian's Red.

But only 'for the most part'.  Since we have too many trees to have gotten Direct TV, my football choice are limited to what is on regular cable, which means this morning there is only one game on for my viewing (dis)pleasure.  Miami vs. Minnesota....not yuck, but yawn.  So, in the interest of displaying my motivation, I will sacrifice watching most of the first game to run some errands.  Then I can concentrate wholly on the Patriots game this afternoon, although I did commit to crawl around on the living room floor with a can of DAP during the game to patch nail holes in the trim. 

Besides, I was already motivated this morning...used the little shovel to clean all the ashes out of the fireplace, then used shop vac belonging to The Worlds Greatest Mom and Nana to get it clean enough to eat in, all ready for my wife to stage flowers, candles or some such stuff in.  I also tried a new recipe for breakfast, courtesy of my new Rachael Ray Magazine...Cannoli French Toast...just mix some ricotta and powdered sugar, put it in bread, fold it in half, and cook like you normally would french toast..sprinkle some more powdered sugar on top, and semi-instant goodness. 

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