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Worth the wait.

One of the more difficult things about canning certain items, such as pickles, and salsa, is that they need to sit for a while to reach their full potential, so...it's a leap of faith to some extent.

Earlier this week, I made a tasty omelet for dinner, and decided that the time had come to pop open one of the jars of Roasted Salsa Verde I canned up back in early November. 

I was pretty impressed.  I am definitely planting some more tomatillo's this year, and trying to at least double the batch of this that I can make.  I can also pump up the heat a little bit.  Last year, instead of all  jalapeno's, I used Anaheim's and Pasila Peppers, going for more fruity flavor instead of heat. I'll probably continue to split varieties, I'll just add a few more jalapenos.

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