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Mission Complete

A few weeks ago, I started a project I had been putting off for 18-months or so...putting in a strip of lavender along the walkway up to our front door.  Working around rehearsals and shows and work, I finally got the job finished yesterday, which is not a moment too soon, as today is my wife's birthday!

Okay...so it doesn't look like much now...but, the lavender is still small, and not blooming.  A confession would be that I did want to put in more plants, but the majority of stuff for sale around here right now is Spanish Lavender, not the Provence Lavender that my wife wanted.  Those six plants represent 2 hours of burning gas, visiting 8 different stores/nurseries.  They will get bigger...stand by in a few months for pictures when they are blooming. 

That's not all I planted for my wife.  While looking at lavender varieties last week, one of the local nurseries had 'mimicry' plants in stock, and my wife had thought they were the neatest/strangest plants she had seen, so of course I filed that away, and picked some of them up during my lavender hunt yesterday. 

Faces only a mother could love.

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