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String them up.

I have gone out on the occasional limb around these parts, and in the real world, defending people with somewhat questionable hunting practices.  We all have our own lines, and if you are willing to cross more of them for 60 pounds of venison than I am...bully for you, I guess.  It's kind of like different people going different amounts over the speed limit...Risk vs. Reward.  For me, as much as I enjoy venison, I'm not willing to risk losing the ability to hunt for multiple years just for a few burgers worth of meat.

Then, there are unforgivable acts of poaching...like what happened around Walla Walla this weekend. 

Officials hunt Walla Walla County deer poachers

Someone drove around Friday night, and dropped 8 deer...and did nothing with them(and yes, if the story said that the back-straps had been cut out, I would be at least a little less mad....stupid, I know...but...that's me...still 'lock them up' mad...just not homicide mad).

There is no challenge here...I've been driving around hills of Walla Walla and seen hundreds of deer.  Shooting 8 in one night made someone feel macho? 

 Lame, Lame, Lame.  No excuse, and no mercy.

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