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So...it's a fancy donut?

Earlier this week, my wife and I were watching America's Test Kitchen(as we are wont to do), and they were making up a batch of beignets.  They looked pretty good, and I committed to my wife that I would make a batch for breakfast this weekend. 

Now, I couldn't follow the Test Kitchen's recipe exactly, because I didn't write it down, and they are a pay site....but with a bit of searching, I settled on a common looking recipe. 

For ease, I whipped up the dough last night, and after letting it rise on the counter for an hour, I stuck it in the fridge overnight.  This made the dough much easier to work with this morning, and the end results were scrumdiddlyumptious, and picture worthy.

With a disclaimer that I have not been to New Orleans for the famous Café du Monde beignets...mine tasted pretty good...but I am not sure I got them Authentic.  Most of the ones I have seen pictures of have a 'puffy' air pocket in the middle.  Mine were very uniform inside, and tasted almost like an apple-less apple fritter.  It's possible I overmixed them...

But heck, even if they weren't beignets, they were fresh, warm fired dough pillows...which are never a bad thing.


  1. They look about right. The important thing is eating them hot and covered in powered sugar.

  2. Yeah...we had a few left over after breakfast, and by lunch time they were a totally different animal.