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Election Wrap Up.

After choir wrapped up last night, I went out for drinks with a few folks including our director.  While I consider myself a little 'l' libertarian, among this group I was the gun loving, tin-foil hat wearing right-wing wacko.  The funny thing is that NONE of were thrilled with the results rolling in last night. 

While they were all bummed out about how the Democrats lost control of the Senate, I was dealing with the fact that very little I voted for seemed to be passing on statewide basis.  I-594, requiring background checks on all firearms transactions(and other unpleasant things), passed by a wide margin, while I-591(the opposite of 594) failed by an equal margin.  Clint Didier, the more earnest of the two Republican candidates in our Congressional district is currently down by 2200 votes with 40,000 estimated remaining to be counted. 

And truthfully, I really don't care much about the Republican's taking over the Senate...it was not a fair trade for the negative results on the gun control initiatives here in Washington.  I'm not one of those folks who will say there is NO difference between Democrats and Republicans...but they both have their failings...it's just when I prioritize what's important to me, I tend to align more with the Republican's than the Democrats.  My Pro-Gun, anti-Union, Smaller Government side out-weighs my pro-choice, Gay Marriage side. 

So...what is a Republican Controlled Senate/House going to accomplish?  The answer is I think: not much.  I think they will pass a few things that they will force Barry to veto, in the next year, and then everyone will stare at each other as we start saber-rattling for the 2016 election.

I hope the prove me wrong...I would LOVE to see some programs rolled back...something to prove that the Republicans are willing to do something painful about the budget. 

At least there isn't much damage they can do.  Even the doom and gloom liberals at feel that Marriage Equality has passed the tipping point.  While there might be a few hold-out states, things are pretty secure at the federal level.  I suppose there is still some flex on abortion...but, realistically, I think the best hope is two years of stalemate...gridlock is better than things moving in the wrong direction.

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