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Let's Do the Timewarp Again!

It wasn't intentional, I swear.  I didn't mean to stop blogging for like two months. 

As Roland Deschain would say, 'I Cry Your Pardon'. 

I knew things were going to be getting busy while my wife and kids were out of town...just not as busy as they really got.  Plus...trying to think about the real world...it just has been tough to get too worked up about anything.  It's easier not to think about Donald Trump too much. 

Heck...it's not just my blog I've been ignoring...I don't think I have read anything on my sidebar for 6 weeks.  At least. 

But hey...I'm back.  Recipes, garden updates, hunting season rapidly approaching...and the 2016 Presidential Campaign. 

At least the recipes should be worthwhile. 

For now...you are going to have to entertain yourself with this picture from the Rocky Horror Show.  The makeup was interesting...but it was worth it. 


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