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Close my eyes and count to 10.

Because of my involvement and interests in the local performing arts community(and my upbringing in the Seattle Suburbs), a fairly large percentage of my friends on facebook have different, more traditionally liberal political leanings then I do.

This morning, when I jumped into facebook, this was the first post I saw.

Because it's early, and I haven't given up on fighting loosing battle with people who are already set in their belief's, I responded.

'Wrong...it was over when the Bill of Rights(including the 2nd Amendment) was ratified on December 15, 1791.'

I'm looking forward to a day at work with my phone reminding me how bad of an idea it was to try to express my own opinion.


  1. Yah, that one's been going around for a few months at least. I took a deep breath and ignored it.....

  2. I can only imagine the outrage this genius would produce if his implied solution were applied to drunk driving deaths. Because he buys and consumes alcohol the manufacturer is able to enjoy economies of scale and sell it cheaper to people who abuse it and drive, killing others. Combine that with the fact that anyone can drink and drive, it is only a matter of time until he kills someone with his car while drunk. Therefore purchase limitations, background checks and safety interlocks on all auto ignition systems to ensure sobriety should be mandatory. And anything he says is merely the big booze business talking.
    Alinsky said to use their arguments and rules against them.