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Got the bug.

I tend to do my canning in clumps...and right now, we are at that time of year when produce is cheaply available, AND it is finally starting to cool down enough in the house that it doesn't feel suicidal to steam up the kitchen(although, people at spas would pay good money for the kind of pore cleaning vinegar facial I gave myself this weekend.

First, I made a larger batch of candied jalapenos...5 pints and then three left over jars of Dragon Juice, vs. the 6 half-pints I made the first time.

After that, I had to finish doing something with carrots that came out of the garden, so I chopped up some zucchini, and peppers and cauliflower, and made up a batch of Jardinière...9 pints.  That's where the vinegar facial came in. 

I'm sure I will find something to can over the upcoming four day weekend...maybe I'll have the kitchen cleaned before I start again.

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  1. Health is ugly lately. So I probably wont get to that this year. I keep watching you folks who do this, hoping to figure out how to do it myself. Yeah, but it all has to be just right. I am hoping to figure out how to can something, even just a bit, this year. But it might not happen. Good to see someone getting to it. It lifts my spirits, odd as that may seem.