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Once upon a time...

You see, I used to do this blog thing.  And I enjoyed it, and then...well, I kind of stopped. At first, it was to punish myself...break a jinx because I said something silly guaranteeing success on a hunt.  And then,wasn't successful, so I told myself no blogging until I fill a tag.

I just didn't think it would go that long...

But...now, I can start blogging again!

Got my elk this year.  Yes...I know it's 'only' a spike, but in Eastern Washington's general Modern Firearms season, all you can shoot is a spike.

It's still a decent sized animal...probably about 500 pounds on the hoof.

The only reason it came out in one piece is that I hunt with six other guys. If I was alone it would have come out in bite size pieces.

For the technical minded out there, the gun is a Remington Model 700 chambered in .35 Whelen, using Hornady's Superperformance load(200gr bullet at 2900fps). It did quite a number on the front shoulder(powdered it)...I just didn't get pictures during the skinning.

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