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Breaking Cover

Haven't blogged in a while.  More than a while. Like...18 months.  It wasn't one of those 'so bored, and haven't taken over the world yet' absences.  It was actually kind of superstition thing.

You see, my last post was about how I had returned from elk hunting 18 months ago for my daughters birthday...but before coming down from the hills I has seen two legal spike elk...and I think I said something like 'Can't wait to get back up and nail one of them there spikes!' 

Of course, that was a total jinx.  I didn't even see those two spikes again...or any other legal elk.

Having learned a lesson about showing signs of optimism, I decided the prudent/superstitious thing to do(much like turning your hat inside out and backwards to spark a rally) was to not blog again until my hunting was successful. 

Yeah...you can guess how that went since I didn't break my blog silence during the 2016 hunting season either.


But now, something dire has happened, and I can't remain silent any longer.

More dire than the last election cycle which I sat quiet during!?!?!??  Yup.

Sometime in the last month or two, one of my favorite blogs has changed it's permission for access, and I can't get there anymore.  90% of my favorite recipes come from Brigid's Mausers's and Muffins/Home on the Range site...and now I can't get there!  And of course, I never actually printed any of them out, because...internet. 

So...if anyone can hook a brother up, I would appreciate it.


  1. Brigid is a guest blogger at Borepatch now.

  2. I did the same, cause who expects the internet to stop having my fav recipes!!!

    She's blogging over at http://thebookofbarkley.blogspot.com/ And after I contacted her, via Facebook, about getting some of the recipes she's promised to start moving them over to the Barkley blog. Apparently she's maxed out the number of people she can allow to see the main blog. And she had to lock down the main blog because someone shared a link and she was getting flooded with trolls.

    1. Thanks for the update...that is what I get for crawling into an internet shell...