Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


We Salute You.

A buddy of mine who is a State Trooper shared the link below on facebook, which leads to a news story out of Winnebago County, Illinois. 

Apparently back on January 20th, a bad guy walked into a bank and started shooting into the ceiling.  The bank security officer responded by drawing and putting two rounds into the bad guy. The County Attorney released the bank security video today, along with word that the Security Officer would not be charged, and in fact Brian Harrison is a hero. 

I recommend you click on the link, and watch the video.  My words do not do it justice.  Mr. Harrison went from Condition White, resting on the counter, to putting rounds into the bad guy...in between breathes.

One can only hope to respond that way when the chips are on the table.

Security officer in fatal shooting of attempted robbery suspect will not face charges

And, well done to the local authorities for not pressing charges...that is not a guarantee in Illinois.