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Oy vey.

Shortly after moving into our current house, I planted a few fruit trees...two plum, and two apple.  At one point this year, it looked like I was actually going to get a decent number of plums off one of my trees, but a heat wave and a wind storm put the hurting on the plums just as they were starting to fill out...leaving me one little apple on one of my trees.

How Cute.
So.  With yesterday being Rosh Hashanah I had decided I was going to make an Apple Honey Cake recipe for desert.  While we are not practicing, we do want to teach the kids something about the Jewish part of their heritage, and so...Apple Honey Cake covers the Jewish tradition of celebrating the new year with something sweet and blessed. 

I screwed up.  After the little cake jars had been in the oven about 15 minutes, I opened the oven to check on them, and noticed they hadn't raised very much.  All of the sudden, I realized that I couldn't remember taking either the baking soda OR baking powder out of the cabinet.  Gosh dang-it.

Yeah, they should have risen over the top of the jar.  Sensing my distress, my wife ran to the store and bought some vanilla ice cream.  Not sure what the Torah or Talmud say about vanilla ice cream, but I say bring it on. 

The flavor was actually pretty good, and I will have to try making these again with the right ingredients.  This method they did come out a bit floury, but the flavor was good, and the vanilla ice cream cut the floury taste pretty well.

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