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Fresh is good.

Yesterday while puttering around in the garden, I noticed a bunch of little white flowers on my peas, and today, when I looked closer, I saw that those flowers must have been there for a few days, because I had a bunch of peas ready to harvest.

All told, I got about half a pound of snow peas from this first little harvest, and man, were they good.  I put my daughters to work helping pick them, and when I told them each to pop one fresh off the plant into their mouths, they looked up me very dubiously, until they took their first bite.  My younger daughter said she didn't know a green vegetable could be so sweet.  The variety is Oregon Sugar Snow Peas.

There was more than enough there for a nice side dish, which I made by just sautéing the peas real quick with some sesame oil, shallots and garlic, before adding a few dashes of lemon juice at the finish.

Really, really good.  I will remember to do this variety again next year(heck, maybe I'll even shoot for a fall crop of them).  My only issue with the snow peas though, is that they are..dumb compared to the runner beans I did last year.  With the runner beans I only had to start on the trellis once, maybe twice.  These peas are all over the place, and I need to go out every three or 4 days to train them onto the twine. 

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